Our Story

At Grill N Chill experimentation is what excites us and creativity is our lifeblood, at G N C Arabian cuisines blend together with the west to create a restaurant that is fun, innovate and fresh and despite our seeming infancy we are already the recipients of the covetous Best Grill Resto-cafe of the Year at the 8th Cochin Herald KSBEA- 2019.


The Man behind the Curtain

Grill N Chill(G N C) is the brainchild of Fazal Rahiman CM also hailed as the ‘Man who did miracles in Franchise Sales in quality Food Brand’, for him the restaurant business is something where one can enjoy the profound satisfaction of serving people while being able to innovate and increase efficiency which in turn feeds back into better service. Food is something that touches the cultural lives of people and to that end Mr. Rahiman in his initial days of the business always strove towards the highest quality of ingredients and as he grew so did his passion for sustainable business practises, he is of the strong opinion that food and its unique position should tell a story. He believes that the restaurant business can reduce its food wastage by efficient management and ensures that his staff is trained in appropriately portioning the ingredients while maintaining a sustainable food cost management. As the restaurant business grew so did Mr. Rahiman’s philanthropic efforts to various charities and causes close to his heart.

Mr. Fazal Rahiman CM has been honoured in the food industry for the success of Grill N Chill with various awards such as :

  • Best Excellence awards in Customer service from Multi-national company Hertz
  • Best Hygiene award restaurant from Vanitha Magazine
  • Best Arabian award by the MCC Group
  • Best Grill Resto-cafe of the Year by the 8th Cochin Herald KSBEA-2019

His passionate and ambitious attitude has led to G N C being branded as the fastest growing franchise with franchises opening up in various locations in India and Europe.