About Grill N Chill

Food is not just about the taste ! We are led by the passion for serving the best standard food. Above all other ingredients, we add a pinch of passion and care to what we serve. Every recipe is watchfully prepared with the best of ingredients brought from authentic and best suppliers. Rather than being a Resto Cafe, we are unique in our menu and presentation. Being a leading food maker and quality food brand, Grill N Chill deliver a wide range of food varieties including a signature collection of BBQ, Shawarma, Burgers, Sandwiches, Mocktails and Shakes.We always follow the principle of 100% Fresh, 100% Quality,100% Hygienic and 100% Halal.

Our founder Mr FR believed that when you indulge in food industry. It should be a tasty, healthy and intense experience of real pleasure. Upholding the standards of our founder Grill N Chill food has been made with an unrivalled passion and attention that’s why every recipe begins with real favour and vegetables from best suppliers, Crafted with a premium section of ingredients. Grill N Chill signature collection BBQ, Shawarma, Burger, Sandwich, Mocktails and Shakes. Our signature collections represent iconically. Flavours with your way of personalization, for an exquisite experience to share and of pure bliss that is unforgettable.

The Man behind the Curtain


Grill N Chill(G N C) is the brainchild of Fazal Rahiman CM also hailed as the ‘Man who did miracles in Franchise Sales in quality Food Brand’, for him the restaurant business is something where one can enjoy the profound satisfaction of serving people while being able to innovate and increase efficiency which in turn feeds back into better service. Food is something that touches the cultural lives of people and to that end Mr. Rahiman in his initial days of the business always strove towards the highest quality of ingredients and as he grew so did his passion for sustainable business practises, he is of the strong opinion that food and its unique position should tell a story. He believes that the restaurant business can reduce its food wastage by efficient management and ensures that his staff is trained in appropriately portioning the ingredients while maintaining a sustainable food cost management. As the restaurant business grew so did Mr. Rahiman’s philanthropic efforts to various charities and causes close to his heart.

His passionate and ambitious attitude has led to G N C being branded as the fastest growing franchise with franchises opening up in various locations in India and Europe.

Our Awards

We as a Brand have received numerous accolades some of the followings are:


Best Hygiene Award


Best Grill Award


Best Young Restaurateur Award


Best Franchise Resto Cafe Award


Featured in Forbes Magazine 100 Richest Indians

  • Kochi
  • Alappuzha
  • Balussery
  • Nagercoil

Grill N Chill @ Kochi


67/5401, Opposite Taj Gate,
Shanmugham Road, Marine Drive,
Kochi, India.

Phone +91 99955 07244 Email info@grillnchill.co.in

Grill N Chill @ Alappuzha


Grill N CHill, Kakkazhon P.O,
Ambalapuzha, Alappuzha,
Pin - 688005

Phone 0477 2964926
0477 2271530 Email info@grillnchill.co.in

Grill N Chill @ Balussery


Koyilandy - Thamarassery Road, Ekarool,
Balussery, Near Aishwarya Furniture,
Calicut - 673574

Phone +91 98461 05110 Email info@grillnchill.co.in

Grill N Chill @ Nagercoil


AR Enterprises 443C,Near Fida Petroleum (Next to Naidu Hospital),
Cape Road,Kottar, Nagercoil-629003,
Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu.

Phone +91 95859 58880 Email info@grillnchill.co.in